We Know The Science Behind Sales

"Data! Data! Data!" he cried impatiently. "I can't make bricks without clay."
from Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Copper Beeches

  • Knowledge

    Data, fact, proof, the truth. It is what we are all looking for all of the time. Sometimes, when we find it, it can be different from what everyone else believes. What should you do? Do you keep doing what you have always done? Do you suspend your knowledge and carry on? Or do you challenge the status quo and share your new information, your evidence with the world.

  • New Perspectives

    That’s what we do at TALENTStream. We seek new perspectives, test new ideas and challenge old ones. We look for evidence of what works now, today, in this moment. We find solutions that fit the ever changing environment we find ourselves in and prepare us for the challenges and opportunities in the future.

  • Innovative Experience

    We combine analysis of our vast data resources collected over 15 years in the Automotive sector, with a breadth of research in psychology and human behaviour in relation to the buying decisions people make and why they make them. The result is an innovation packed programme that will revolutionise franchise networks and regain ground lost to competing channels.

  • Bright Minds

    Every one of our products and services for Automotive is backed by data, has proven ROI and works. We know the science behind sales and have added that to the brightest minds in the industry and our collective vast experience to deliver the Next Generation of Automotive Sales to you. Fact.

Outsourcing: Works for you and your network

High quality, specialised field and customer service teams that reduce your costs
and drive performance and sales in your network.

  •  Teams

    Field Teams

    Why outsource your Field teams? Imagine a high quality, highly trained, outsourced team that you can drive to get the results you need. A team that takes responsibility for the number and works tirelessly to achieve it for you at a fixed cost with zero headcount. That is outsourcing your field teams. Some networks already do this with us… do you know who they are?

    What you can expect

  • FlexiField

    Introducing FlexiField

    One of our international clients requested a team that could cover Network Development and a number of other projects (Used Cars, Warranty, CRM etc.) in a single role. FlexiField was born. The benefit is simple… the network builds trust in their area FlexiField professional who looks after a number of strands of the business requiring field support. Multi skilled, single resource perfect for smaller networks.

    What expertise?

  • Intelligent Contact Centre

    Intelligent Contact Centre

    Our services are unique. We focus on genuine conversations and a true customer focused approach. There will be no cliches, no pressure, no tricks… just genuine conversations and real engagement that reflects your brand and your values. For sales, customer service and real time social media and live chat response, our Intelligent Contact Centre services are world class.

    Read some FAQ

identity-product-OutSourcing express-value-service&brand

see results and info


Highly trained, highly skilled, elite field professionals

Best possible dealer engagement

Energy that drives real change

Opportunity to drive performance and results

Clear KPI to measure the effectiveness of your field teams and dealers

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outsourcing diagram

Retail New Car Sales

Used Car Sales




Corporate Sales

Commercial Vehicle Sales

Network Standards

Sales Management

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  • Do they work exclusively for me?
  • How many do I need to take on?
  • Is there a minimum term?
  • Do they attend national meetings?
  • What happens about under performance?
  • Do you deliver this service already?
Yes. They are carry your card and represent your brand exactly like your own headcount.
As many as you need from 1-30.
Yes. 2 years with options after 12 months.
Yes. They are a seamless part of your team.
You will have an account manager who will work closely with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with your teams performance and results. If you are not happy, we make the changes.
Yes… for 12 years now and it has proved very successful for our clients.
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The Next Generation Retail

We have a problem: our industry is selling cars the WRONG WAY...
momentum™ is the RIGHT WAY

  • Reverse-the-Trend

    Reverse the Trend

    Ever think why internet and broker sales are on the increase? Ever wonder why the modern consumer is focused more on price? Ever wonder why loyalty is becoming more difficult to win and harder to maintain? We know why and how to reverse the trend.


  • Client-Thinking

    Client Thinking

    The key is to deliver a true “client centric” retail experience. One that focuses on the way the client thinks about buying. One that fully understands and responds to the emotional drivers of the purchase decision to dramatically increase the probability of a successful sale.


  • Proven-to-Progress

    Proven to Deliver

    momentum™ is that client centric experience. It has been designed and refined and tested with national networks and groups over the last 10 years and can claim between 24% and 37% increase in sales volume in just 12 weeks. What’s more, it increases client satisfaction (delight) to record levels and improves profitability and client retention into multiple ownership cycles. All this is proven and is available to your franchise.


momentum 28% increase

more about momentum


Increase in sales by volume of between 24-37% in 12-weeks

Dramatic increase in level of client satisfaction

Increased PPU

Increased Finance Penetration

Increased Accessories Sales

... plus a motivated sales force and improved management, forecasting & reporting

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  • High Quality Training Materials
  • Custom Newsletter
  • 5 x Half Day On-Site & In-Showroom Training Events
  • Practical Test Driving & Route Evaluation
  • Learning Evaluation
  • Personal Learning & Performance League Tables
  • Personal Ranking & Final Report
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  • What is momentum™?
  • Does momentum™ work?
  • How is momentum™ delivered?
  • Is it a classroom based course?
  • Must our Sales Manager attend every session?
  • What can I expect in terms of results with momentum™?
  • We have our own Sales Process... can it be adapted?
  • Does momentum™ maximise finance penetration?
momentum™ takes the latest ideas from the world of psychology and buying behaviour research and turns them into simple actions that you can take in the Car Retail Environment to make people find buying the car they want “irresistible”.
momentum™ is incredibly powerful and is backed by results from Networks and Dealer Groups.
On-site, by our authorised trainer in your dealership, which means that there is no travel time and learning can be applied instantly in your own showroom. Delivery time is 6 x1/2 day (3 hr) sessions over 6 or 12 weeks. 5 sessions are with your Sales Team and Sales Managers and the 6th is for Sales Managers only.
It is a mix between classroom and showroom. Everything we cover is applied in Showroom activities in your Showroom, your Display Cars, your Used Car lot on your Test Drive route. This is engaging practical learning that sticks.
Absolutely yes. Sustainability of the learning is vital and your managers will be responsible for driving the change and results. By joining in the learning they will understand more and deliver more. A special 1-day “Managing with momentum™” event is included to guarantee success.
Depending on your starting point you can expect between 18% and 37% increase in Retail unit sales. Every dealer, group and network has achieved figures in this range since the programme launched.
If your current process fits the philosophy of being “client centred” then modules within momentum™ can be adapted and we will work with you to shape to fit. momentum™ is a very logical approach and when you stop and think about it you will want to adopt the methodology.
Yes... and add-ons such as Service Plans, Extended Warranties, SuperGuard, GAP and more are entered into the quality conversation that delivers irresistible buying.
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The International Standard

Give us 8 weeks sales figures and we can tell you
Everything you need to know about your business

  • Future Performance

    Future Performance

    BUV is a simple powerful way to fully evaluate individual Sales Professionals, Dealers and Groups that provides detailed information regarding their current and future performance.


  • 15 Years Research

    15 Years Research

    Using a unique algorithm and pattern recognition technologies developed through 15 years research and experience in forecasting sales performance, BUV can forecast performance, potential, capacity, motivational and managerial strength and weaknesses, organisational and time management barriers and much more.


  • Individual & Business

    Individual & Business

    To find out how easy it is to work with BUV in your brand and how valuable the information can be for planning and development of the individual and the business, call us now and take a free trial.


buv BUV Sample Report

Latest B.U.V News here


Evaluation of Sales Personnel

Recruitment of Sales Personnel

Development of New Sales Pros

Evaluation of Development Initiatives

Evaluation of Campaigns

Personal Development Review Level of Motivation

Quality of Management

Quality of Time Management & Organisation

Current Annual Sales Forecast for Individual or Site

Optimal Sales Available by Person or Site

Sales Capacity for New Model Launch

ROI from Training ... and more

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01423 700210

See what you can expect from our experience

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  • Isn’t it just smoke and mirrors ?
  • Can I assess the Sales Capacity of a network ?
  • Where does the “Optimal Potential” come from ?
  • How do you know there are more sales available ?
  • How can you pinpoint problems so easily ?
  • What data do I need to provide for BUV to work for me ?
  • What about holidays, training and time away ?
  • How does it work ?
  • How does it cater for a satellite site or low volume franchise ?
  • Where does the weighting system come from ?
  • I already have showroom controls, why do I need BUV ?
  • Can I use it for Recruitment Purposes ?
  • Can I use it for pay scales ?
No. Over 1,000,000 pieces of data have been analysed in the design of BUV. Each unique pattern of results has been compared to the actual performance of 1000’s of Sales Professionals in a wide variety of networks across multiple brands to ensure the BUV has the accuracy that the modern business needs and expects. It is tested and proven.
Yes. For example a new model launch or new campaign may increase your volumes to levels your current sales force is unable to handle which would restrict your growth. BUV can tell you how many Sales Professionals you need and what you would need to do to handle the new volume in terms of skills development.
The algorithm that lies at the heart of BUV uses the Maximum Unit Value (MUV) from the Sales Professional and makes a calculation based on a number of factors delivering the “Optimal Potential”.
Experience first, but mainly from the input data. Pattern recognition technologies assess the pattern of performance and can identify common problems such as low quality management or motivational issues. If these are put right, we would expect the performance to improve. The size of that potential comes from the relationship between BUV and MUV.
It isn’t that easy. Patterns tell stories. Sometimes the programme cannot isolate a single problem so may give you a series of options. The person using the data will easily be able to identify the true nature of the problem on the ground from the options BUV provides.
Orders taken in a 7-day period and number of years in the dealership.
Our methodology allows for period of up to 2-weeks away in any sequence without affecting the rating of the Sales Professional. Occasionally circumstances mean a drop from a C to I rating for a short period but that will quickly recover.
There are 4 main strands to BUV that interact to assess the performance. They include environmental and seasonal factors to ensure a high level of accuracy. Underlying the technology there is an algorithm and pattern recognition that delivers specific results and feedback.
There is a weighting system included that allows you to calculate specific data for the site and make the figure a “Universal BUV” that means you can assess the performance in a higher volume franchise. For example, a Sales Professional may be working in small franchise satellite site delivering 87 cars per year with a iBUV of 2. That same Sales Pro at a busier site, with a higher weighting, may be forecast to deliver 146 cars with a cBUV of 3.
Each franchise taking part in BUV is assessed for weighting and site data is calibrated over first 8-weeks of input, providing accurate weighting for the franchise, territory and/or specific site.
Showroom controls are fabulous and we recommend their use locally. BUV is different. It doesn’t require lots of data capture, is easily verified, assesses potential as well as run rate and can be done remotely for entire networks, groups and territories with no need for complicated interpretation.
Yes. Ask your candidates for their last 8 weeks figures, their franchise and how long they have been there and BUV will tell you exactly how good they really are.
BUV is perfect incentive to drive high quality and consistent performance.
Anything we’ve missed?
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Turning Aftersales Around

Proven Approaches to Record Performance

  • Innovation in Approach

    Innovation in Approach

    AFTERSALES is key to the success of your business. Over the past few decades we have seen a seemingly never-ending decline in Absorption rates in the business, and experts have attributed it to a whole host of factors. Many business owners just nod their heads, seemingly helpless to the inevitable decline, but there are other who engage TALENTStream and the innovation in approach in AFTERSales plus, who know they can reverse the trend.


  • Ownership Cycle

    Ownership Cycle

    AFTERSales plus is an innovation packed “in-business” coaching programme. The programme focuses on developing your teams and management to maximise yield from your customers through the ownership cycle while delivering the highest levels of client care and satisfaction. Working vertically through the department, we provide persuasive and business winning customer engagement on the phone, in person and via every communication channel...


  • Consistent Performance

    Consistent Performance

    ...plus the most effective practices from a world of experience in Aftersales.

    Your teams will know what to do and when, and your managers will set new impressive stretching targets, support and manage their team and reach new levels of consistent performance.


AFTERsales 16.5 increase

more results and info


Increase in Service Hours Sold

Increase in Retail Recovery Rate

Increased VHC work

Increased Service Care Sales

Increased Client Retention & MOT

Increase in Client Satisfaction & JD Power Performance

Increased Parts Sales

Improved Workshop Efficiences

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Service & MOT Retention improved from 37% to 65%

16.5 % Increase in the Average Recovery Rate

23% Increase in Service Plan Sales

Up to 20% increase in Red and 30% increase in
Amber HC Work

Increase in Retail Hours Sold

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  • If this an “Off The Shelf” approach to Aftersales ?
  • Will it take people away form their roles to get trained ?
  • What form does it take ?
  • Which members of my team will you work with ?
  • Can you focus on a single element for me ?
  • How will you share the results ?
  • Will you look at telephone skills as part of the programme ?
  • Can you really get the results you claim ?
  • I use a call centre for bookings... can you still help ?
  • What is the minimum term of engagement ?
No. While we all want to sell more hours and parts at the right margin and retain more clients in the business, the chances are your business has its own unique challenges. We shape the programme around your specific situation and needs.
No. Everything is “live” and “in-role” with minimum disruption and maximum learning. Coaching and shaping performance with instant, real world feedback is a key feature of this work.
Our consultant will work with your team, in your business, at every level, one-on-one in the majority. There will be a strong relationship with your managers who will take increasing responsibility for the changes through the engagement to assure you of sustainability of benefit long after we have gone. We will also set up mini project groups within your teams to achieve specific changes and tasks to build teamwork & co-operation.
Everyone. We look at every income channel and track the value delivery chain to the source of the value and unblock any blockage. It could be at your front line around product presentation, upsell, VHC or service plan or in your workshop in loading, nonrecording, productivity or utilisation. If it has potential for growth, we find it and realise it for you.
Yes. Service plan sales has been an initial focus for some of our clients and that is where we have started and delivered for them. As we learn more about your business we deliver more value.
Transparency is at the heart of our programme with you. You give us your current and historical figures on commission and we will work with you to improve them using your own, consistent and verifiable data. Look for real positive change and real profit.
Yes. Every element of client contact will be assessed and shaped as required to deliver your best sales and service level result.
Yes. Sometimes just a new pair of eyes looking at your business is enough to see opportunities that get lost in the day to day chase. Aftersales has lots of elements to juggle and your team can sometimes, through no fault of their own, lose focus on what’s profitable or sensible for the business. We’ll sharpen that focus, make it easier to deliver an optimal performance and assist your teams in realising their own potential for the benefit of all.
Absolutely! Retention is the master of Aftersales and we’ll take our learning into the areas of your business that deliver this key element for you. Increase retention and increase profit. Simple.
This is about change and change takes time. the minimum period we recommend is 12- days delivered over a minimum 3-month period.
Anything we’ve missed?
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Making Sense of the Business Sales Market

There are companies buying cars today:
you just don’t know who they are!

  • Best-B2B-Experience

    Best B2B Experience

    If you knew every company that was in the market to buy a car in your territory would you sell more cars? Our proven Business Visibility model is based on the over-riding principal that “If you can’t see the client, you can’t sell to the client”.

    We are the most experienced business to business sales consultancy team in the UK. TALENTStream is founded on expertise in the Fleet and Corporate sector.


  • Managed Intelligence

    Managed Intelligence

    TALENTStream has the longest and most impressive track record in growing customer base and sales in this market. Our Business Visibility is the principal behind this success. It seeks out and manages intelligence about when companies are changing their cars and provides the optimised time and type of approach. Working on data, skills and management, Business Visibility is a combination of in-business coaching and unique methodologies.


  • Corporate-Fleet-Sales

    Corporate & Fleet Sales

    Using technology to provide a winning and ever improving performance from your business sales team. We have done it in networks, groups and individual dealers and have the results that will give you confidence that you can achieve the volumes and profitability you need from corporate and fleet sales.

    Manufacturers: Get in touch about our Field Team Develop- ment programmes and support for Business Sales. It‘s worth it.


business visibility client sell

more results and info


Total control of your corporate business with
accurate forecasts

Increased customer base of enduser trading accounts

Growth in Key Trading Accounts

Improved Profitability

Increase in Sales

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Results with Business Visibility

Network achieves 9 Years of consecutive growth.

Dealer improves from 4 to 42 trading accounts
in 6 months.

Want to Create a Richer Customer Experience?
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  • How does Business Visibility work?
  • Is Business Visibility proven?
  • Is it a technology based solution?
  • What results can I expect?
  • Do you do the sales for me?
  • How long is the programme?
It is all about finding the cars available in your sector and market available for change, contacting the stakeholders, finding the change date, scheduling the change activity and delivering the right offer at the right time. It is simple and our team makes sure it happens in your business.
Yes. 10 Years in the making, delivering consistent growth in that time, we believe there is no more proven methodology in the market and you can measure its success through a suite of accurate KPI from week 1.
We do use our own on-line programme that delivers the scheduling and measurement plus gives you and your managers total control and “visibility” of activity in the business, but this programme is mainly about your people and how we develop them to deliver you the results you need.
This depends on your starting point. For example we have taken an established business from 4 to 42 trading accounts in a 6-month period and have forged a new market for entrants into the sector.
No. The programme is about developing your team to become effective and to realise their potential (although you can opt to fast start with our outgoing call team making early appointments).
From 12-days (Lite) over 3-months to full-time network based engagements... you choose what is right for your team or network.
Anything we’ve missed?
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Our Programmes

Everything Your Future team Needs
We will tailor the most effective and challenging programme for you

out sourcing

All the performance you need without the headcount

High quality, specialised field and customer service teams that reduce your costs and drive performance and sales in your network.

more about OutSourcing
  • momentum


    We have a problem; our industry is selling cars the WRONG way... momentum™ is the

    read more
  • buv


    Give us 8 weeks sales figures and we can tell youeverything you need to know about
    your business

    read more
  • aftersales


    Proven approaches to
    record performance

    read more
  • business visibility


    There are companies buying cars today; you just don't know
    who they are!

    read more

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  • Business Visibility™ Will Deliver the World’s Most Advanced Business Sales Network

    June 2nd, 2015 by John Gardiner

    It has been 13 years in the making but now TALENTStream’s Business Visibility™ (BV™) tool is on the cusp of changing the global fleet market forever. With applications for dealer, group, network, national, regional and global sales this is truly a game changer. The Buisness Visibility™ methodology was developed in 2002 and has been part of the success story for … read more

  • How To Say “No” and Still Grow

    July 4th, 2014 by John Gardiner

      I borrowed a car last week. It was beautifully black, nice alloys and specced to high heaven. There was so much technology that in addition to the usual tyre pressure, variable cruise control and collision warning I was half expecting a that my blood pressure would be displayed alongside trip information or that, next to the digital speedo I … read more

TALENTStream Delivers the
Next Generation of Automotive thinking

TALENTStream launched in March 2001 attracting a major premium automotive brand to a new approach to Fleet and Corporate Sales. The success of this national network programme led to expansion into partner networks and the development of new programmes in Retail and Aftersales.

more about us
  • 2001

    TALENTStream launched in March 2001 attracting a major premium automotive brand to a new approach to Fleet and Corporate Sales. The success of this national network programme led to expansion into partner networks and the development of new programmes in Retail and Aftersales.

  • 2005

    By 2005, TALENTStream had attracted a third franchise network and operated a nationwide Network Development Programme including work in all areas of the automotive business. This led to engagement to design a unique “Customer Experience” that was supported through an extensive education programme through classroom and in-dealer training. TALENTStream’s expertise in this and the associated “Showroom Controls” technologies led to their close involvement in e-learning development with partner i5D and several software and technical learning and reporting solutions for networks.

  • 2008

    In 2008, TALENTStreams reputation for educational products and learnings grew to such a point that they attracted large global businesses to their work in Management & Leadership, Sales and Coaching under the "LearningForever" (www.learningforever.co.uk) brand. Working mainly with businesses with a global reach in Telecoms, Medical and Leisure sectors, in addition to their core Automotive clients, TALENTStream continue to grow their reputation as an innovation led learning organisation and now deliver programmes around the world.

  • 2012

    Now in their 12th year of operation, TALENTStream is a strong and stable company, employing 20 full time personnel, with a healthy balance sheet and product portfolio. A strong and sustained financial position has meant that the company were able to invest substantially in research and development over the past years which has led to the strength of their current IP offerings such as BUV™, momentum™ and AFTERSales PLUS

  • future

    TALENTStream’s vision for the future of Automotive is one where people come to franchise dealers because they truly enjoy the experience. TALENTStream will continue to promote clients centric destination experiences that make a showroom visit entertaining in the way people browse their objects of desire in their favourite store such as Harvey Nichols, Selfridges or Harrods.
    Client loyalty will be increasingly valuable and our Ownership Experience strategies, delivered primarily through Aftersales, will be core to franchise success.


First Class Delivery By Our Team

Experience & Expertise

  • Jonathan-Haig

    Jonathan Haig

    Jonathan Haig | Director

    Jonathan brings vast experience in the Automotive sector in a number of franchises. He is as passionate about his business as he is about his music.

    Read articles
    from Jonathan
  • Alistair-Grant

    Alistair Grant

    Alistair Grant | Director

    Joined in 2002 to expand the business into new clients and markets. With a background in elite sport before moving into Retail and Automotive, Alistair is driven to succeed.

    Read articles
    from Alistair
  • John-Gardiner

    John Gardiner

    John Gardiner | Director

    Joined the company in 2002 from Honda UK, bringing his education & coaching skills and experience to expand the product portfolio of the company. He is passionate about customer care and, as a former professional skier, he loves being in the mountains.

    Read articles
    from John


To develop innovative strategies, methodologies, of Automotive thinking, learning and technologies to serve our markets, clients and their customers in a wholly ethical and positive way that contributes to the economy and “good” in society.

Read articles from many members of our team
Expertise & perspective, covering all areas of the automotive sector.
Gareth Roberts Karen Allan John Martin Paul Rollinson Gerry Lilley Liz Clarke Jon Yates Raffaelle Guy Kim Nield

In TALENTStream we have found a partner for training and development who provides our organisation and assists our managers and staff in self improvement coupled with specific training to improve our overall financial performance. Facilitation and focus is provided by the TALENTStream team to “make the difference” which has cumulated in improved customer satisfaction levels year on year.
Andrew Grzesinski, Group Managing Director, Macrae & Dick Ltd.
Extremely impressed with the delivery and content of the course. Best I have attended in my 9-year career in Car Sales.
Richard Evans, Honda
Well informed!! Very Useful
Mark W Smith , Business Development Manager, Mercedes-Benz
I was impressed by the content and in the way the contents can be used in
day-to-day business.
Graham Linsey, Parts Manager, Mercedes-Benz
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