Business Visibility™ Will Deliver the World’s Most Advanced Business Sales Network

It has been 13 years in the making but now TALENTStream’s Business Visibility™ (BV™) tool is on the cusp of changing the global fleet market forever. With applications for dealer, group, network, national, regional and global sales this is truly a game changer. The Buisness Visibility™ methodology was developed in 2002 and has been part of the success story for … read more

BUV® The Metric That Means Something To Everyone

BUV® is the first universal system for the Automotive sector to measure the whole business, from Manufacturer to Sales Executive, with a single effective metric. We developed BUV® because we know that the Automotive sector will benefit from more consistent levels of sales which will ease stresses on production, distribution and ultimately, customer satisfaction and loyalty. As experienced managers within … read more

7-Steps is Dead…Long Live Shopping

The 7-steps to the sale is dead. It was born in a time when information was scarce and franchise networks held a monopoly on supply of new cars… but when that changed so did its usefulness. Today, it is in fact as dead as a Norwegian Blue in a Monty Python sketch. The evidence is right in front of our … read more

Are Your Clients Just “Satisfied” or Truly “Loyal”

We love the work of Jeffery Gitomer, the US Sales guru. He’s funny, smart and most importantly, he hits the mark with powerful and simple sales messages. Something that illustrates this perfectly is Jeffery’s approach to the difference between Satisfaction and Loyalty. At his events, he selects a married member of the audience and asks: “Tell me, do you want … read more

Expanding Your LBU Client Base Is Your No:1 Priority

The evolution of a Corporate Department is fairly predictable: Initial enthusiasm and widespread activity turns into a narrow focus and reliance on a just few core accounts and broker business. The reason is simple. The new talent you put into the role works their socks of to make an early impression with lots of calls and meetings with local business … read more

Why Is Retention in the 3-5 Year Parc So Low?

  When are you losing your clients exactly? It is not that difficult a question to answer and it’s an answer you should know. Our research shows that most franchise dealers can hang onto their clients for 1-2 years parc but perform badly in the 3-5 year parc. We focused our research teams on this to find out exactly why … read more

For Parts, Think Retention

TALENTStream’s Liz Clarke tells us that to sell parts you first need to find the cars that need them. Liz shares some ideas with you. It always used to amaze me when parts departments were expected to drive increased sales by themselves. As if they had some magic wand and could materialise cars to fit them to out of thin air. … read more